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Nöelle Overturf

Nöelle Overturf is a small town girl from Glen Rose, Texas who found her way to Fort Worth after marrying her college sweetheart, Zach. Her passion for creating art started when she was a little girl, but it was't until after her son was born in 2018 that she decided to finally put her work out on Instagram for the world to see. 

Nöelle specializes in mixed media abstract and is best known for her bold brush strokes, unique color combinations and texture. There are no two pieces alike and each piece is made with purpose in mind. She has been featured in VoyageDallas Magazine and Fort Worth Magazine and is about to open a small Fine Art Gallery on Park Hill Drive in Fort Worth. 

Her favorite role in life will always be being wife to Zach and mom to her two young kids (Ages 5 & 2). Her primary goal with her artwork is to spread joy through color and use all the gifts God has given her. When she's not painting you may find her playing pickleball at Courtside Kitchen, at local antique shops, or the playground with her kiddos!

Fort Worth Magazine: Bold Strokes

" There's clearly some magic in the bristles of Nöelle Overturf's paint brush. Her abstract art that chronicles her life as a mom, wife, and entrepreneur is creating some buzz. "

Fort Worth Magazine

Voyage Magazine: Meet Nöelle Overturf

" I’ve been creating art as long as I can remember. My passion for creating things for others began in Junior High when I discovered an interest in calligraphy. I would spend hours and hours practicing out of a random calligraphy book, then do projects for my friends just for fun. During my college years and beyond, I experimented with other types of mediums and discovered that I LOVE creating abstract art with watercolors and acrylic paints."

Voyage Article

FW Magazine

Growing Family, Growing Neighborhoods!

Calling The River District home! This couple is renovating a homes in River Oaks TX. Take a look at page 52 for more!

FW Magazine page 52

Meet The Overturfs

Meet The Overturfs: Part of our LEAGUE Family and Fort Worth Fixer-Upper Couple.

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